Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Royal costumes

After our visit to the Roman baths, we didn't have a lot of time for the fashion museum nearby, which was terribly sad, but we did spend a few minutes in an exhibition of the costumes worn by actors playing royalty.

They were so elaborate and detailed, they didn't have that tacky feel that costumes usually have at all. Though, some very prestigious actors probably wore them, so only the best will do. I would have loved to read the descriptions of the costumes, and the information about the kings and queens that wore them, but with the little time I had I feasted my eyes on the costumes themselves.

The dress above is quite recognisable as something that Queen Elizabeth I would have worn. I love the draping pearls and the standing ruff.

From a distance I recognised the ensembles below as from King's Speech, probably because I remembered Mrs. Lovett wearing that blue dress. (I do like Helena Bonham Carter.)

I am guessing that the above left is a Queen Victoria dress, and the right, another Queen Elizabeth I dress. If you zoom in, you can see the delicious detail of the pattern of that lovely light grey fabric.


  1. I love the blue dress with the fur from "The King's Speech". And the chandelier is breath taking!

    1. Thanks, the blue dress is a lovely colour, isn't it.

  2. It must have been great to see those costumes for real, gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :D

    Please drop by x


Thank you ♥

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