Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I love discovering a maker of gaming-related bling. It's marrying my two interests of fashion and video games, but typically, it's hard to get hold of except online. Sanshee is one such treasure trove of gaming goodness. They have Zelda, Mario and Portal stuff, as well as all the Pokemon gym badges you earned through hyper potions, full restores and soft resets when the battle wasn't quite going your way. They have all five generations but I picked the first gen badges to show here, as their designs are most familiar.

In other news, I dug out my sister's old Pokemon necklaces. They are so awesome and I can't wait to show you, but it's not very bright right now so I'll have to wait for better lighting to take some decent photos of them. I'm wearing Charmeleon right now and am loving it.

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