Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Paris 3

So this is sort of what my face looks like, if you're generous like Valentino, an artist in Place du Tertre near Sacré Coeur.

I have a straight full fringe (well, I am supposed to) and I wear glasses all the time because I am getting blinder by the day. I have Mulan's eyes, Gok Wan's nose and Hermione's front teeth in The Philosopher's Stone before they were shrunk.

We didn't buy any physical souvenirs on our adventures in Paris except this drawing, which took half an hour. I had to inhale a cigarette's worth of smoke and my face hurt from being neutral and still afterwards, but it was worth it. My mum is now on a mission to frame it up.

That's all from Paris! Maybe I'll get back to the fashion blogging next post. Meanwhile, have a lovely evening.


Thank you ♥

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